Joshua Dylan Mellars’ documentary trilogy travels the emotional terrain of the world’s richest traditional music: Lisbon’s fado houses in Heaven’s Mirror, Buenos Aires’ milongas in Tango Illusions, Rajasthan’s royal courts in Play Like a Lion.



Joshua Dylan Mellars Tango

Buenos Aires boils over, tear gas drifts towards the Rio de la Plata, thousands march in the avenues and milongueros dance to forget…Step onto the dance floor of Tango Illusions!

Joshua Dylan Mellars Portuguese Guitar

Heaven’s Mirror sets sail with fado singers on a dream voyage where love strolls a narrow cobbled street hand in hand with desire, where longing travels with memory and the past appears in a mist conjured on the strings of a Portuguese guitar. 


Joshua Dylan Mellars Indian Road

Sarodist Ali Akbar Khan…National Treasure of India and the US, Grammy Nominee, Beloved Teacher, Master Composer, The Emperor of Melody. In Play Like a Lion, Khan’s son explores the sources and tributaries of his father’s music in India and the United States with the aid of American and Indian musicians.