“Groundbreaking theatrical work...”

-Roland Jacopetti, NPR station KRCB FM

Shakespeare in the Shadows director Joshua Dylan Mellars was recently interviewed by NPR station KRCB FM radio host Roland Jacopetti on Sonoma Spotlight. The two discussed the Shakespeare film, starring Mark Cohen, on the eve of its premiere at the Tiburon International Film Festival. 

“…Beautifully photographed…a symphony to nature as well as to the acting talents of (Mark Cohen)…” — host Roland Jacopetti 

In the film, Cohen plays six of Shakespeare’s most intriguing characters in locations filmed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area: from the storm tossed, supernatural world of The Tempest to the dank, dark corridors of Macbeth’s Dunsinane. 

Shakespeare in the Shadows Trailer

“The material that we did in Shakespeare in the Shadows tended towards the darker and maybe more tragic, but I think there is also so much humanity in Mark’s performance and that goes straight to the text…” said Mellars in the radio interview.

The film premieres at the Tiburon International Film Festival on April 12 at 6 PM during what is a special year of commemoration for the Bard’s work. 

“This is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death this year and four hundred years later his writing is still so alive,” added Mellars.