Abuela Luna Pictures brings the world to you.

  • Global Audience

    Abuela Luna films have screened to acclaim across the globe – From New York to London, Berlin to Toronto, San Francisco to Monaco, Washington to Rome.

  • Prestigious Venues

    Abuela Luna has screened at a list of distinguished institutions – The Indian Embassy in collaboration with the Smithsonian, Oxford, Cambridge, The Portuguese Embassy, The University of London, The US Navy Memorial, The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

  • International Acclaim

    Director Joshua Dylan Mellars has been feted with numerous awards – “a masterful filmmaker who blends music, imagery, poetry and narrative….”

  • Classic Cinemas

    Abuela Luna films have premiered at Berlin’s historic Kino Toni, San Francisco’s Roxie, Houston’s AMC Studio 30, Marin County’s “The Rafael,” Denver’s Starz Filmcenter, Vancouver’s Pacific Cinémathèque and New York City’s Maysles Cinema.



    “Mellars traveled south

    oa seven-year odyssey

    in South America

    to film Tango Illusions.”

    - San Francisco Chronicle



     “An intriguing documentary…

    Hugely inspirational…

     The fine camera work captures rich colors…

    Vivid splendor…”

    - The Huffington Post



    “A sensual film,

    rich and colorful”

    - Houston Chronicle




    “If you only see one movie

    at this year’s Mill Valley Film festival…

    watch Mellars’ new documentary.”

    - Pacific Sun




    “Mellars’ films present

    passionate musics

    and beatific visuals…”

    - CineSource

Joshua Dylan Mellars Distinguished Cinema Artist Award