production / post-production


Abuela Luna Pictures producer-director Joshua Dylan Mellars and producer Sofia Englund bring the same creativity, professionalism, attention to detail, and personable demeanor to their commercial products that have made their films win over audiences and garner awards worldwide.

Abuela Luna Pictures uses striking visuals, taut editing and innovative storytelling to produce a wide variety of attention getting films—intimate profiles to corporate promos. The filmmakers create purposeful films which clearly, stylishly and compellingly communicate.

Mellars speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. Englund speaks English, Swedish, Spanish and French. Together they have produced films on five continents in multiple languages and continue to enjoy working with a wide coterie of clients: corporate CEOs, professional athletes, actors, university professors, aviators, tech executives, doctors, musicians, law enforcement, realtors, dancers and diplomats.

Let Abuela Luna Pictures deliver an entertaining and edifying film to showcase you and your organization.