drama / poetry

The Land of Nod

“Try as I like to find the way, I never can get back by day…”

In this Joshua Dylan Mellars directed short — inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Land of Nod,” — a man, no longer young, climbs a mountain towards the possibility of buried gold in a Portuguese fortress and finds a fleeting dream of the wonder and the wanderlust of youth.

Classically trained veteran actor Mark Cohen narrates and also plays the part of “the older man” in The Land of Nod. Young Portuguese actor Afonso Pereira makes his screen acting debut in the role of “the boy.” Renowned classical guitarist George Sakellariou performs the soundtrack which so beautifully accompanies this cinematic interpretation of Stevenson’s classic children’s poem. Filmed in Portugal and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Land of Nod premiered at The Newport Beach Film Festival and won a Remi Award at the World-Fest Houston International Film Festival.