“Shakespeare in the Shadows” Nominated for Emmy

Filmmaker Joshua Dylan Mellars and Producer Sofia Englund at the Fairmont San Francisco before the Emmy Awards Gala.

Shakespeare in the Shadows has been nominated for an Emmy. The film stars Mark Cohen and is directed by Joshua Dylan Mellars. Sofia Englund and Mellars share producing credits for the independent drama, which premiered on San Francisco Bay Area PBS station Northern California Public Media.

In Shakespeare in the Shadows, classically trained stage actor Mark Cohen—who honed his craft at Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) affiliate Guildhall in London—performs a riveting one-man show of the Bard’s most intriguing characters. From the storm tossed, supernatural world of The Tempest to the dank, dark corridors of Macbeth’s Dunsinane, Cohen and the camera collaborate in a celebration of Shakespeare’s poetry.

Shakespeare in the Shadows Trailer

The Northern California Emmy Awards Gala takes place Saturday, June 2, 2018 at the SFJazz Center. Mellars has received two additional Emmy nominations this year for work produced for the PBS station.